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Thread: Hello from Grain Central!

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    Hello from Grain Central!

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    Hello to all from Iowa, heart and center of dairy (across the river to the east) and about every damn grain you can imagine!

    Much to my wife's dismay, I went primal (officially) about a week ago. She's a slave to Conventional Wisdom and is truly worried about the increase in fat consumption and the large decrease in whole grain carbohydrates.

    I've always been a pretty fit guy, but I read Mark's book, found MDA, and wanted to go from fit to healthy. I'm already seeing some improvements in my energy levels. Instead of having my usual rapid ups and downs through the day, I've felt a nice reserve continual energy available to me throughout the entire day.

    I'm excited to see how my health checkups go in six months to see what health improvements are made in places that I can't readily see and feel.

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    Give your wife Mark's book and tell her "We'll talk after you've read that."
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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    Consider a meal with three components:

    1. Meat
    2. Salad
    3. Bread

    Now, what's so bad about a diet that leaves out the bread? CW diets would leave out the meat, and what "low-carb" typically means to most people is to only eat the meat (that's what Atkins is famous for, although they've long revised their diet to also contain plenty of low-starch vegetables and fruits).

    IMO you'll get most women to accept this diet once you show them the food pyramid with vegetables and fruits as the foundation.

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    Iowa City here. Where in Iowa, if you don't mind my asking?

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    My wife has not been all that keen on the changes from our old diet to the new, so I have worked on ways to "keep her happy" and it has been working well. In fact, she is slowly passing on the things that I don't really want to eat all that often but when I get the feeling that she is looking for some bread, I simply toast a piece for breakfast to go along with our bacon and egg scrambler and she is happy. Think about ways that you can sneak in the things you want while sneaking out the things that she wants over time (does that make sense?)

    Tomorrow we have spaghetti planned. I will have some of the pasta with a bunch of the meat sauce and a salad while she will most likely eat lots of pasta and some meat sauce. This happens once in a 4 week schedule so it is not a big deal as we usually fill up on meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, fruit, and dairy the remaining days.

    The Big Ass Salad every day for lunch is also a great way to please your wife with her favorites, while loading up on veggies, bacon, eggs, and some meat in your salad.

    Check out my food log. I still have potatoes, some pasta here and there, some bread on occasion, and sweets (especially ice cream). These are all things that my wife loves, but most of the time I am eating as close to "primal" as I can so that is what counts. Eventually, when she notices a change in your energy, body fat profile and your lipid profile, she may be more willing to buy in.

    Last but not least, look for blogs that have great recipes from women who changed from CW to primal or paleo and this will help as well. Most of the recipes I try are from sites that are managed by women because I would also go heavily in the meat direction if I didn't look for the female perspective. (Please do not think of this as a slight on women, I really appreciate the balance).

    Try this, this, and this.

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    Hey there! I don't mean to hijack your thread, but if you guys are interested join the group Midwest Primal. If we ever decide to get together around here thats where it will probably be figured out. Bet wishes with the primal lifestyle!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEnRegalia View Post

    IMO you'll get most women to accept this diet once you show them the food pyramid with vegetables and fruits as the foundation.
    What's with the "most women" bit. maybe "most women I know" (ie that you know) because it's the men I know that don't give two flying f***s what they put in their mouths. Sorry, just touching a hot button there.....

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    Give her "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes or have her watch the movie "Fat Head". She may change her mind fast once she understands what grains do.

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