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Thread: My introduction

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    My introduction

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    Here is my introduction

    My name is Jamie and I'm 29 years old. I am part of a greyhound (dog) community that pointed me in this direction. It was intersting to read all the success people on that forum have had. I really don't have weight to lose - maybe a few pounds - but that's not why I'm here. I'm here to FEEL better. My insides never feel right and only did when I did a fast earlier this year. I'm tired of being tired and feeling like my insides are rotten (the only way I can describe it).

    I have done the CW thing and am ready for something new. If it works then yeah for me - if not I'll try something else. I have not eaten red meat, by choice, for about seven years and haven't eaten dairy, per the doc, for about the same. I have PB and am reading it and trying to work some of these things back into my diet. I have to admit that I'm pretty upset trying to overcome all the information I've been getting from doctors and the media for years. It's been difficult to allow myself to cook things in fat and eat things that were "bad" for me. But I suppose it's just another challenge to overcome.

    My problem is the SUGAR! i may die. That is the hard part.

    So yeah - that's my story and I'm excited.

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    Welcome! I know it's hard to get the CW out of your head, but getting rid of the digestive trouble is worth it.

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