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Thread: White Rice Containing Toxins?

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    Question White Rice Containing Toxins?

    My girlfriend is an avid sushi eater. I used to love a good roll of sushi, but since going primal a few years ago I can't seem to stomach the rice any longer. It gives me a bit of a stomach ache, which lead me to question the tertiary contents of rice.

    With that being said, I have read that for the most part white rice is basically an inert food. Not truly containing a large amount of nutrition, and ultimately acting as a starchy, fibrous filler. With that being considered, has anyone read or heard about white rice containing Amylopectin A, Mycotoxins, or Alfatoxins like found in many other grains and lentils.

    I haven't found any evidence of this but, with corn being such a ripe breading ground for mycotoxin I find it hard to believe that white rice's storage and handling to be so far removed from that of corn.

    If anyone has heard about similar contamination in rice, I would be interested to read through the original material.

    Thank you!
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