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Thread: Mom23kids Primal (ish) Journey

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    Mom23kids Primal (ish) Journey, with 5:2 IF

    Today is day 1 of primal eating for me and I think having a journal to record the transition will be helpful.

    All the background stuff:

    Name is Sara, I'm 34 years old. 5ft, 6 in and I'm a mom of three wacky kids.

    Last October I was at my all time highest weight of 171lbs, and knew I needed to do something to stop the weight gain. Found JUDDD IF and doing that with my normal SAD caused the weight to drop off and I called goal a few weeks ago. Transitioned to another version of IF for maintenance, the 5:2 plan and this mornings weigh in was 128.5lbs. My maintenance range is 127-129 and I'm very pleased with my weight now.

    So why am I here?
    While I lost my weight eating Mcds and donuts, over the past couple months I've started to feel disatisfied. JUDDD and 5:2 offers amazing freedom, but just because I can maintain my weight loss eating whatever I want, does'nt mean I should. I've read PB and also Taubes book, Why We Get Fat, and it made sense to me, but at the time I just wasn't mentally ready to make the change.

    Fast forward to a few days ago, I found out my next door neighbor, who's my age and has kids younger than mine, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Seeing her after she had a masectomy was something I'll never forget. I know so many younger women who have had breast cancer, and that combined with my own family tree of cancers, diabetes and other health issues, I finally had the 'ah ha' moment I needed to get serious about my health.

    I'm not doing primal eating to lose weight, but to stack the odds as much in my favor as possible, to avoid getting sick. IF research is showing promising health benefits, even when paired with a SAD diet. IF + primal eating may be the optimal way of eating for me-it certainly can't hurt anything!

    I had blood work done a few weeks ago, while still doing SAD, but while doing JUDDD/5:2 IF.
    My numbers:
    Fasting glucose-89
    Vitamin D level-21, now taking 4,000 dose of D3 a day, per drs orders

    Plus everything else that was tested came back in the normal ranges. Blood pressure is really good too.

    So, today is day ONE of my transition from the SAD to a primal one I'm also still doing 5:2 IF and my fasting (500 calorie) days are usually Mondays and Thursdays, though this week my second fasting day will be Friday.

    A note about exercise-
    While losing weight I did no exercise, nor did I do anything before that. However, I started walking regularly last month and have a goal to get in 30 miles of walking this month (am at about 25 so far so I should hit my goal), and I also started Mark Lauren's Body By You strength training program last week and love it so far!

    Ok, that sums everything up- on to day 1!
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