I have had very bad cramps since my very first period. It has been like this for the last 22 years. I have had it!

My doctor is no help so I went to see a naturopathe. He gave me Flaxssed Oil and Evening Primerose Oil, but it didn't work. He then gave me homeopathie (Pascofemin) and still no change. I tough going paleo would help, it didn't. I got an ultraound and everything is fine. Had two beautiful children with no fertility problems.

What's wrong with my uterus? Why is it so angry? I really want this pain to go away. The only releif I have recently found is magnesium. It helps somewhat alleviate the pain. The pain is so bad I often miss a day of work and lay down crying and I know pain, I had two kids no epidural, I am not a wimp, lol!

I'm at a healthy weight and active, generally healthy, no other problems, never been overweight, 38 yo.

Would a progesterone cream be a good idea? If so, can I get it without a prescription in Canada?

Please help