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Thread: PMS help please

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    Lack of oxygen? Really? I could see a link between lack of oxygen and anemia... Can you elaborate please?

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    I could add to that idea that the recipe I offered is also in the book as a remedy for circulation troubles, so must do something in that arena.
    "Ah, those endless forests, and their horror-haunted gloom! For what eternities have I wandered through them, a timid, hunted creature, starting at the least sound, frightened of my own shadow, keyed-up, ever alert and vigilant, ready on the instant to dash away in mad flight for my life. For I was the prey of all manner of fierce life that dwelt in the forest, and it was in ecstasies of fear that I fled before the hunting monsters."

    Jack london, "Before Adam"

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    I second Lewis' Julia Ross recommendation. She has a protocol specific to female issues.

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