I've seen it mentioned that some people try to go primal vegetarian or vegan, but I've not been able to find any information on what that might look like. What is a part of that diet, and what isn't? I understand this may vary from person to person.

I'm wondering because I am primal, but my husband has been vegan for about 25 years. He's seeing the way my diet is changing me for the better, and he's listening to me talk about my research on it, but he is very resistant to change, stubborn too. I'm wondering if there are some slow simple changes he could make.

I'm concerned because I see the differences in him as he's ageing, and I see it affecting his self esteem, but he's resistant to do much about it. He feels like his diet is limited enough. At the moment I'm working on getting him off the processed soy. I have managed to get him off soy during allergy season. He has terrible allergies to many things, and he did notice an improvement, but he's gone back to soy now that allergy season has passed. It's kind of frustrating for me, so any suggestions or information would be helpful. Thanks.