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Thread: Fasting caused weight grain

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    Fasting caused weight grain

    I'm so sad I didn't even spell "gain" right on the title of this thread. Grain = GAIN sorry everyone. haha I'm not sure how to fix it.

    I've been Fasting 16 hour min between meals. I eat a 5 hour window from 11-4

    I can't seem to get my hours later due to my job ( I teach Yoga) I'll faint if I have to wait till dinner time.

    I eat around 1200 calories during that time. strict primal eating. no cheating.

    I just completed my first week and I gained. 164 start 165.4 this morning.

    arg. i'm so upset that I'm not having the success that everyone else is on fasting. UGH
    what is wrong with me! I was truly sure I lost 3 pounds! and please no one say to me "but what about inches"
    trust me i'm trying on my jeans and they aren't fitting any better. damn ...

    I'm worried about stoping fasting and gaining more weight. I'm not sure what to do... help please?!

    I have another thread about IF, but I wanted to start a new thread about this topic to reach people who have experience this and/ or have advice regarding this.. thank you
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