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Thread: Who's joining me? Very Low Carb - Low Protein - Support Thread

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    Who's joining me? Very Low Carb - Low Protein - Support Thread

    I'm pursuing a very low carb and low protein way of eating right now.

    I long ago eliminated most non-paleo foods but I was still eating fairly good numbers of carbs.

    Recently I became more aware of work of people like Ron Rosedale. I have realized that I failed to really lose weight and be more trim and athletic and healthy due to eating too much protein.

    Protein in excess triggers a lot of the same metabolic channels as carbs, namely insulin. No wonder people on low carb diets frequently don't lose as much bodyfat as they think they will. They are consuming too much protein.

    This is also very anti-inflammatory and excellent for allergies, auto-immune issues, neurological conditions, cancer, you name it.

    The idea is to be highly ketogenic, without spilling ketones in your urine. Spilling ketones means you have too much protein perhaps. Not sure of the mechanics of that, but I have read that you should'n't be spilling ketones in urine or breath that much if you are eating with appropriate (reduced) protein amounts.

    So now my goal is to get 80% of calories from fat. Or more.

    I want to get enough protein to be healthy. Not to be burning protein in gluconeogenesis or wasting it metabolically.

    So now I eat maybe 20 or 25g of protein at a meal. The meat portion of, say, a deck of cards, preferably fatty meat. And eat a lot of fat, bulletproof tea, loads of homemade mayo (using unprocessed palm oil or olive oil), as much fat as I can get.

    There is of course a transition period. I'm in it now but it's gotten easier in just the last 24 hours. I am still hungry sometimes and I think that will pass, but I'm not very hungry. And I have no problem eating small portions and I don't want more.

    The only veggies I'm eating are low carb ones -- cruciferous, leafy greens, and so forth. No tubers, no roots. And I'm very light on fruit, none for the time being, maybe eventually an occasional helping of berries in coconut cream.

    I think this will prove an interesting experiment. It may be the healthiest way to eat, period.
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