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    Yawning a lot

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    I started Primal about 3 weeks ago. I'm trying for less than 50g of carbs in order to promote weight loss, as I need to lose about 15lbs.

    This is a strange question, but I've been noticing that I'm yawning a lot. I don't feel too terribly tired, although I'm not exactly bursting with energy either. But I feel the need to yawn. A lot. I've also been very irritable.

    Is this a nutritional deficiency of some sort? Any advice to sort it out?

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    I go through this when I don't eat enough, even when I feel like I have. If you track your macros you may find your overall calorie count to be way low. Also, you may just be experiencing the early stages of "carb flu".

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    Personally, high carb day followed by low carb days = irritable! Very noticeable.

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    Agree with sqidmark. Make sure you are eating enough. You can always increase carbs a bit. You don't have to keep them that low and it will likely make any carb flu more bearable to reduce slowly. 15 lbs is not a huge amount and may come off easily enough just by reducing/cutting out grains and refined sugar from your diet, if you had not previously done so.
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