I wasn't sure whether to put this in fitness or nutrition so I put it in here. Apologies if it is in the wrong place.

OK so I know fat loss needs to be gradual (and it is happening), I also know that saggy skin is a fact of life once it is there and finally I know that spot reduction of specific fat does not happen.

BUT, I am performing in a cabaret in 5.5 wks and then going on holiday for two weeks immediately after that. I am 38, a mother, with two small children and put on a fair bit of weight and lost a lot of muscle tone due to illness (hypermobility syndrome aka EDS type over the last few years). I have reversed that with primal, dance, yoga and now strength training (early days of strength training) - the fat is coming off (gradually) and the muscle is coming back. All good. But I hate my upper arms and need to be able to feel confident and sexy in a strappy dress for this cabaret and then confident enough to not have to cover my arms up if it's hot when we're on holiday.

So what can I do to visibly improve the appearance (hey and a bit of strength would be nice too!) of my bingo wings area in 5 weeks? I am already working on press-ups, astanga yoga, chin-ups and my dancing is good for arm strength too, and I can see and feel the difference in my biceps which is great :-) But it's not making any difference that I can see to the bingo wings.

Even though I can't avoid saggy skin and I can't spot reduce the fat, I am assuming that I could improve their appearance somewhat by building the right muscles. I presume it's the triceps I need to be tackling? Has anyone had any good results by strength training for this area? If so, what would you recommend? I'd prefer to do body weight exercises or ones that use stuff that I have around the house as I don't really want to have to pay for weights at the moment. Getting to a gym is not practical at the moment.