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    Just want to say HELLO! ; )

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    Hello all members and guests at Mark's Daily Apple! My name (username) is redturkey251! I love to try out many different things. So let me tell you about myself. I used to be a vegetarian/vegan, but it was just hard for me because there was not that many options on what to eat. So I decided to go the opposite direction and try this way of life instead. It is a lot easier for me now than it was before. When I was a vegetarian, I was hungry ALL THE TIME none f the food that I ate was filling. Now instead of having to eat like 4-5 meals a day, I only have to eat 3 or even 2 meals a day! My main hobby interest is Taekwondo! I am a green belt and take lessons 4-6 lessons per week! That is all. Thank You.

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    Hello Redturkey and welcome.

    Primal food sure is filling and tastes good too. Now you will have more time for your Taekwondo.

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    Welcome to the forums and the lifestyle!
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