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Thread: Tweaking diet to lower body fat

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    Tweaking diet to lower body fat

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    I am playing with my diet to see what works for reducing BF but not weight.

    I swim a masters program (average 1700-2000meters in 1 hour) 3 days a week, walk/run 2 days and do a tough hilly 10 mi bike ride once a week.

    As I understand it, I should keep my carbs low (50-60g range) and my fat higher on my swim days and increase carbs while decreasing fat on my run/ bike days as those are higher exertion work outs.

    Does that sound right? What about my day off? How should I eat then?
    Again, just trying to maximize fat loss!
    I am :
    46 yr old female
    121 lbs/27% BF


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    I weigh a bit more than you, bf about 30%, but was recently advised to keep carbs between 40-60 everyday. On workout days have a starchy carb within an hour of working out. Just started on Saturday, so not sure if it works..but trying it.
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