So I dug out my test results from 2009 (guess it was four years ago, not five, thought the test was from 2008 for some reason). Turns out that my triglycerides were 106 mg/dL back then. It has gone down to 54 mg/dL. So I guess primal eating was good for something--haha!

My TSH was 2.38 mIU/L (which is the same as uIU/mL) in 2009 (2.33 now). So my TSH level has basically stayed the same. Nice to know that my doc back then thought this was fine despite the fact that my thyroid was enlarged. Anyway, at least it hasn't gotten worse, and I definitely can't blame my recent weight problems on my TSH level (could still be my thyroid if something else has gone out of whack--no way to know without getting free T3 tested, I guess).