Hi ALL...

I found this site around 2 years ago when I first started eating primal/paleo. I never have been "by the book" convert since I never cut out dairy/cheese.

Here is the a very short discreption of my journey. I implemented the low carb lifestyle very strictly. My diet consisted mostly of cottage cheese, cheese, fish, salads, various meats, almond milk, protein shakes and berries. Snacks included slim jims (I know bad) and nuts. Over the course of 6 months I lost 30 pounds and 6 inches from my waist. I went from 215 pounds with a 40" waist to 185 and a 34" waist. I held this weight for over a year and did so allowing myself to cheat once or twice on the weekends (pizza, a sandwich, etc). Over the holidays this year I fell off the wagon to some extent but not full blown. I would say 65% of my nutrition was still within the regimine that i initially lost weight on.

During the holidays I noticed I was slowing gaining weight...maybe at the clip of a pound every 2 or 3 weeks. I am now at around 192. That's a net gain of around 8 pounds and I noticed it is all accumulated as fat around my gut. For several weeks now I have been VERY STRICT regarding my diet but have not been able to drop any of the added weight.

I always felt that this lifestyle changed the way your body uses food for fuel and that that we actually used fat for fuel in lieu of carbs. It is extremely discouraging not to be able to drop this weight using the techniques that I originally used. Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

One wild card in the mix may be that I started on Flomax in December for prostate issues and that maybe the medication has some affect on Blood Glucose levels but there is not any published data to support this.


thanks for your insight.