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Thread: would love your expert advice - newbie's lipid profile

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    would love your expert advice - newbie's lipid profile

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    thanks for taking the time to comment guys - I'm worried re high total chol figure

    Total Chol : 271
    LDL : 192
    HDL : 65
    Trigs : 62

    I have eaten primal for 8 months now and never had total chol that high - usually c 180/ 200

    summary diet:
    Low carbs/lots of saturated fats/zero refined flour sugar etc/ veg + fruit daily/meat + fat daily - all grassfed/organic raw cheese daily (4 regular slices)/handful of nuts every other day/organic natural or greek yoghurt daily (0.5 bowl)

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    Have a look at Griff's Cholesterol Primer. I think you'll find your numbers are OK.

    Total/HDL should be about 5 for men and 4.4 for women, yours is below 4.2
    Trig/HDL should be 2 or below, yours is about 1
    LDL/HDL should be 4.3 or lower, yours is under 3
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    My numbers and diet were almost identical to yours. I added in carbs from several potatoes or rice a day (about 75g extra) and total cholesterol , LDL, and trigs went down and HDL went up over 6 months. If you are in this to lose weight, once you are close to your goal, add in some starch carbs and see what happens.

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