hi all, i'm suse.
I came here from the hcg forum, where I've lost and kept off 40 lbs this past year.
yay me------------------
in transitioning to primal I find myself stuck--I haven't found a tool to help me learn the foods I should and shouldn't eat.
I get the basics, no sugar or grains but I am a simple girl and need a list or two.
one big poster that says yes eat this and one that says no avoid this would help me a whole lot, lol.

I gained one lb overnight and I suspect the raw coconut bar I found at the health food store is the culprit, as it has coconut sugar.

otherwise I think I am eating properly--what do you think?
breakfast is espresso with heavy whipping cream
lunch was my first attempt at zucchini fritters---shredded zuke and onion bound together with egg and coconut flour and fried in kerrigold butter.
dinner was homemade turkey soup and that darn coconut bar after.

could it be just the coconut? or am I making some big dumbass mistake here somewhere?
also I drink unsweetened weak peach tea by the gallon, i'm very hydrated.