I'm 50, female and English. I'm married to an American and we currently live in England. We have one son (my husbands)who lives in the states. We have a black GSD bitch. I'm a nurse and presently work in psychiatry

I'm a poorly controlled diabetic with cancer struggling to control weight and blood glucose despite following "recommended eating plan". On the recommended eating plan I got fatter!

I accidentally started this lifestyle by deciding not to follow recommended plan but to radically restrict carbs and found this site also by accident when I was researching why I no longer felt hungry as it was so odd and unexpected - (I was always starving on the recommended plan.)

My cancer has affected my skin and my nether bits and is likely Muir Torre syndrome but I've not taken up on the genetic testing as yet.

My diabetes is pancreatic rather than type 2. I've had a dysfunctional sphincter of Oddi all my life which has caused my pancreas periodically to be bathed by its own enzymes and those from my liver.

I am using this site so I can build a healthier attitude instead of the initial slash and burn approach of dodging every carb.

The one problem I'm having is fats. I'm too frightened to eat them as they can have a tendency to trigger a bout of pancreatitis. It may be different as a part of a very low carb diet but I haven't yet got the confidence to increase them. Advice on this would be useful.

This lifestyle makes so much sense and feels so natural. I'm not hungry despite losing 1lb a day and I feel so much better/normal/alive...