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Thread: Frequency Versus Intensity

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    I think that a pattern of sparse, but intense workouts is quite primal ... but I doubt that there's a huge benefit in terms of recovery and/or stress reduction in adding such long pauses. Have you considered to arrange your exercises like a circuit? One set of squats, one set of push-ups, one set of pull-ups, short pause ... then start over again. If you don't go to muscle failure, I think this is the most effective type of strength training ... both considering total time and effectiveness. You can also vary it a bit ... I frequently change sets - more repetitions/less weight, less repetitions/more weight, static holds, slightly different angles or positions with the push-ups or pull-ups etc..
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    Frequency V duration

    Hi Guys especially All beefpate and MikeEnRegalia

    Thanks for some great suggestions. I am not after big muscles - I really like the primal/functional approach. I have become really weak on one side and sought to address this imbalance with strength training.

    A couple of great suggestions came up that I will experiment with.

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    If you are doing multiple reps thoughout the day, then odds are you are either
    a) not providing enough effort at the end of the sets to stimulate muscle growth or
    b) setting up the potential of overtraining.

    This summary of a study refers to the necessity of effort for stimulation of muscle growth.

    "Greasing the Groove" is about synaptic facilitation. Improving the nervous conections. Two good atrticles are:'sLadders.htm

    BBS is a concept developed to reduce wear and tear on the joints and to minimze time required to keep in shape.

    Synaptic Facilitation is a method that requires one to maintain a fairly active protocol or risk seeing reductions in performance.

    Both are designed to provide different improvements in the body.

    I my own thoughts is the application of training to maximum effort provides many health benefits and promotes growth. Shovelgloving is an excellent protocol to "grease the groove". I like it because it provides the opportunity to improve synaptic facilitation in a closer to real life muscle application.

    This last article is about a program that applies both in a weekly routine. (aerobics is about synaptic facilitation)

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