I decided to alter my nutrition rather dramatically overnight when my partner was out of the country for a month Ė it seemed like a perfect opportunity to eat exactly what I wanted and keep a close eye on the impact and effects as I would only be cooking for one, and didnít have many social events planned.

Originally, I had decided to do the Dukan diet (ie pure protein) for the first three days just to lose excess water, but I took the opportunity over the weekend to immerse myself in the internet and learn new things. I started reading MDA (a couple of recently primal friends had sent me the link but I hadnít really looked at it before). The immediate resonance for me was astounding Ė everything just seemed to make such sense, so I decided to switch across to primal immediately after the three day protein only days.

I really liked the Ďlifestyleí aspect of primal rather than it being a diet (I only wanted to lose ten pounds, so weight wasnít a major factor) Ė it was more about all round health for me. However, I was concerned about eating Ďfatí and also about eating lots of meat, as I wasnít really any kind of meat eater at all Ė the odd piece of chicken was about my limit.

I didnít exercise much for the first couple of weeks because I felt quite weak, but on about day ten, I woke up feeling fantastic and went for a three mile run (honestly, Iíve never done that before!) There has been a myriad of benefits, some of which I didnít realise straight away, but they include: feeling firmer, stronger, clearer headed, more focused. No post lunch lows, no cravings (even from day one really, I was off sugar and grains instantaneously), my knees donít ache any more, I feel cleaner and more healthy, I am sleeping better and waking early, Iíve lost ten pounds in about 25 days, and when Iíve eaten sweet things they donít taste good. I have developed a desire for meat and vegetables I never thought possible and I enjoy them so much. My appetite has decreased but my enjoyment of what I am eating has gone through the roof!

My partner has returned to a woman he doesnít recognise (he says), but in a good way. Yesterday, we went rowing on the river, and my strength and endurance surprised even me, it certainly surprised my partner as he stopped before I did! I feel and look so much healthier, my skin is clear, my waist is more defined and my tummy is flat. I have no wind, gas or cramps (always used to have loads), and I have every intention of continuing this way for a very long time to come. When he first came back, we celebrated and I had champagne and sugary things, but didnít feel guilty in the least, as I know the new way is easy to revert to and how I am determined to continue. He also loves that I am cooking lots of delicious meals, but he worries I am eating too many eggs and too much meat! It will take a while, after all I had the benefit of total immersion for four weeks to take this amazing information and work with it before he came back.

Hard for me to say, but I think I feel happier, and I am more relaxed and fun than I used to be!
Iíve kept a journal of what I have eaten and how I have felt every day and I would recommend this to anyone starting out as its so interesting to look back and see the stages of the journey.

My favourite breakfast is hard boiled egg, avocado, bacon strips, pine nuts, lemon and pepper. For lunch its usually salad or omelette, with meat, veg and salad for dinner. Snacks are usually nuts and Iíve made paleo bread and sesame crackers too. I've eaten nothing processed since I began in mid March. My indulgences are 85% dark chocolate, red wine and blue cheese and Iíve had all of these even during the weight loss.

Thank you so much to Mark and Primal Blueprint! You have been an inspiration, mentor and guide during this time. I wasnt unhealthy or overweight before, but I believe that this thirty day experiment has shown me a new way of life which I cant help getting super excited about and which I will continue for a long time.

My next challenge is building up the running, I've entered for a 10k in July (unheard of before for me), primal exercises and learning to live with much less digital stuff.