Well, I've tried a whole bunch of shit. I'm the king of trying to find things outside of me that will solve my problems: buying books, calendars, notebooks, audio books, scales, tape, supplements, etc.

I just don't use it. Not for long at least. To be fair; this is highly unlike me. I pride myself with being persistent and accomplish much.

To be honest, I have a couple of goals and they aren't extremely honorable. First, I wanna look good...naked. If that means I'm a bit healthier, so be it. Next, I want to deal with my skin issues. Finally, I'm a contrarian and love debating. Paleo is perfect for that(a lot of sheep out there).

I usually stick to this stuff for 3 weeks. In that amount of time I always manage to really tighten up, drop some lbs and start feeling better. Then I slip. Then I fall. I fall right into a pile of waffle fries and delicious dark beer. I've managed to cut all other unhealthy aspects of life. My diet is my final hurdle.

In the spirit of attacking this shit with purpose, I've decided to commit for 40 days. Why? Because I can fit two journal entries on one sheet of std computer paper and had exactly 20 left in my printer tray. Plus, if I can do 30, why not aim higher? We'll see. I've created a journal binder with some go-to literature, my journal entries and some inspiring crap. I've never made a binder--this is big.

My goals are simple: I want to be 180lbs and/or 14% bodyfat or less. I'd like to accomplish this in 6 months or less. Currently; I'm 350lbs. Just kidding. I'm at about 215. I'd like to take a multi-vitamin every day as well as: fish-oil & vitamin D. I'm planning on IFing for breakfast for the first 30 days. Then I'd like to adjust my IF to something a bit more complicated. Again: we'll see.

My exercise regimen will be pathetic(aka: realistic). I plan to spend 4-5hrs/week out walking with my pound-puppy, Georgia. She enjoys walks and I have a big ass. It should shake out. I'll also do sprints once per week and kettle bells twice.

I'll post before and after pictures once they look different from one another. Until then, I'll keep the before snap hidden securely under my manbreast.

My next post will be my first meal log!