I'd like to point out that the current understanding of calories burned doing heavy lifting -- doesn't make sense.

This site is typical of others, and says 200-400 calories burned for a normal sized male doing moderate to vigorous lifting.
Calories Burned From One Hour Of Lifting Weights | LIVESTRONG.COM

After logging everything into Myfitnesspal for the last 9 months, I think someone got their math wrong. Here's the deal:

* I eat 2000 calories paleo, do nothing, and am weight stable.
* The calcs say if I cycle for 45min I burn 400 calories. I cycle for 45min, and eat +400 calories and am weight stable. That makes sense.
* The calcs say if I lift for 45min I burn 400 calories. But when doing heavy barbell lifting for 45 min I eat +1500 calories and am weight stable. Weight doesn't increase until I goto +2000!!! On the other hand, if I only eat +1000 I cut fat like crazy, +400 would be near starvation. Something doesn't make sense.
* In addition I need to eat about +300 the following day to be weight stable. Thus for me, I would say 45min of near-max weight barbell training requires 1800 calories of energy replenishment.

So what's the deal? Is it only counting calories burned and not calories to replenish glycogen stores or rebuild muscle fiber or whatever? These online calculations do not seem correct by a long shot, or at least not useful. Does anyone here do heavy lifting and find this 400 calories/hr agrees with your eating experience?