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    Jul 2012
    At a Vegas nightclub (I was visiting from Cali). I figured why not, I'd never had a one night stand/weekend fling before. 5 years later, here we are :P

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    Work romance... USAF, same squadron.
    I turned him down about a dozen times before I went out with him.
    And I remember thinking it was a really bad idea.
    You NEVER date in house; it's a huge faux pas(for the female service member anyway).
    He wasn't even my type, but he was pretty irresistible...

    15 years later, I'm still not sure it wasn't a bad idea.
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    I married my best friend's brother, she introduced us and we are still together 12 years later.

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    On a blind date. I met a woman through the Women's Bar Association, and she kept telling me that a friend of hers from college had just returned from grad school in CA and she thought we'd really hit it off. For about a year, I said no - then finally figured what the hell? The rest is history, I suppose - we've been married almost 6 years and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter

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    Newark, Delaware USA
    A radio station dating call in. Married 26 years.

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    We met twice There is a very active and large hiking organization in my area and we both happened to be on the same hike. I was in a relationship at the time. But we chatted a bit. Two years later we met again through match. We got married this fall.

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    Went to the same middle school and high school, had a mutual friend so were around each other, but didn't really interact. I went to college, he went to the Army, we met again through the same friend after he got out. We're now engaged .
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    Sierra Club hikes in Santa Barbara. Now you understand my handle I guess.
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    Art school, painting studio, we were both older students. This year will be our 20th anniversary, though we were together for 4 yrs. before we tied the knot.

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