Okay, I have binged on all the bad foods that we're not supposed to eat a few times over the last couple of weeks. I don't know if my calorie deficit finally caught up to me, or if it was something else. So I'm going to start with this question. First of all, I apologize in advance, but I'm going to ask you to analyze the details of my routine. I know the simple answer already: Listen to your body. The problem is that I have been fighting cravings and even addictions for a while now, and I can't trust my body. So I ask anyone who has knowledge in this kind of stuff to see if my food intake is appropriate for my activity level.

Because I lead a busy military life (with only a microwave and micro-fridge) I eat a 7 day menu that I repeat week after week. I follow the LeanGains diet philosophy, except that I've modified the calorie cycling percentages to be better suited for faster weight loss (-30%/+10%). I'm a 23 yr old male who weighs about 160 lbs. My body fat is somewhere between 18-20%. This means my rest day calorie intake is about 1820 while my workout days are 2860. I always eat at least 180g of protein a day. Always under 50g carbs on rest days, under 50g of fat on workout days.

I workout 3 days a week (I currently do not participate in military PT). I was following the LeanGains RPT lifting style for a few weeks, but I recently decided to start the 5/3/1 program, which I imagine will have a similar intensity, but won't be lifting to near failure every time like I was with RPT. Either way, I would follow up the big lifts with some high rep isolation work to deplete glycogen in preparation for the high carb meal to come.

That is my current routine. Additional note: it is a rarity for me to get even 7 hours of sleep during a night.
I also wish to add in some jogging every day (even workout days), as well as weekly sprints.

Any opinion would be appreciated. Lately, it seems my appetite has gotten bigger and bigger, but at the same time I've put on weight from the binges, so it's not like my body needs the extra energy I've consumed. I've always found it difficult to find the ideal balance. I usually end up relying on calculators, but they're always vague when choosing an activity level. I currently set mine to moderate activity level, which is described as 3-5 days per week of moderate exercise. The next one up is 6-7 days of hard exercise. Has is ever occurred to these calculators that some people do hard exercise 3 days a week, or perhaps moderate exercise everyday? I never understood why frequency and intensity go up together.