I'm a month in to eating paleo. I did it mainly to see if i was sensitive to wheat, and found out that I was. I don't really enjoy eating foods with high carbs. Sweet potatos are too sweet for me. I tried squash but I almost threw up. Regular potatos taste gross now too for some reason. I've been happy just eating meats and vegetables this month, do others do this too? The first 2 weeks i tracked everything i ate but it got too stressfull so I just stopped. Some days i'll eat some fries or rice noodles if i get cravings but for the most part its just meat and vegetables now. Ive been dropping about 2 lbs a week but I seem to have stopped (it wasnt my goal to lose weight) and im trying to maintain my this weight now(5'11, 172lbs). The first week without the carbs was hell, i was shaking and had headaches and felt like a zombie, but now i feel normal. Are there others that are able to maintain weight eating this way? I'm naturally a twig, it took me years to put on muscle.