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Thread: Step right up-don’t be shy-to the Ombat Sh!t Show

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    Unhappy Step right up-don’t be shy-to the Ombat Sh!t Show

    Or, "Where in the World is Ombat's Diagnosis?" I have more of these.

    So this is new for me, the whole, "not do things alone" thing. But it's working out so far.

    I'm relocating my journal of 8.5 months from my phone to here so I can get some objective eyes.
    I'm a bit too burnt out to ramble on here for pages (you're welcome), but everything up until this point can be found starting roughly here. I'm sure all of it will come out here in time, though.

    My (relevant) timeline basically looks like this:
    Childhood had daily headaches, fatigue, mood problems, painful stomach upsets which resulted in about 8+ years of daily doses of ibuprofen. The stomach upsets were chalked up to "nerves".
    My mother made most of our meals which were never sparse on meat and vegetables. I never really cared for wheat or dairy products, though I did eat some on a daily basis. I was a runt - 10th percentile in height and weight - but I had an insatiable appetite and ate more than most of my family. Sometimes I would eat so much in one sitting that my stomach couldn't handle it and I would vomit.

    Teen years saw no relief in headaches despite being put on multiple medications, fatigue worsened drastically, serious depression issues. Stomach upsets were much less frequent, though. Still very skinny.

    First year of college my diet drastically changed: pizza, pasta, cookies, ice cream, sandwiches. I barely gained any weight (5lb?) but I looked like I was pregnant most of the time from bloat and everything looked and felt puffy and inflamed. I had terrible brain fog and could barely string simple sentences together most times. This is when I started looking into gluten intolerance and that summer I had testing done which confirmed it.

    That summer I felt incredible. I leaned out, had a TON of energy, and my mood was through the roof. At the end of summer I contracted a bacterial infection (from a waterfall hike) and went back to school vomiting with a 101 degree fever for over a week. This created a whole new turn in my health.

    I spent the first couple of months of my sophomore year dizzy and falling over, getting too fatigued to make it up stairs, developing arthritic pain, and seeing my digestive issues come back, mainly in the form of severe constipation. Still off gluten, I cut out dairy, then soy, then corn, nightshades (realized potatoes give me fevers), eggs, nuts, yeast, the list goes on. I don't even know what I was eating. I started seeing gastros, naturopaths, and even a rheumatologist because the joint pain was so severe. I was tested for bugs, SIBO, fructose malabsorption (all negative), put on adrenal medication, given cleanses, tried HCL, digestive enzymes, the list goes on. I dropped down to 100 pounds (normal weight on me is 107-109) but my arthritic pain went away.

    That spring I was tested for food allergies. The results were gluten, dairy, yeast, sugarcane, and some oddities. I cut those out and added everything else back in. I gained my weight back and felt relatively okay.

    Last summer I started eating primal and my digestive problems made it to an all time high: constipated for a week at a time and bloating so severe I almost went to the hospital. I tried a GAPS/SCD diet for a while but with no relief. Upon returning to school in the fall I started working with a dietitian who uses the paleo diet and spent the first 4 months eating meat, spinach, and green beans and supplementing with glutamine and gelatin and probiotics. I had energy again and my bloating went completely away for about 2 of those months. I still couldn't have a bowel movement so I started taking magnesium citrate which I continue with to this day (and it works perfectly). In the 3rd month my bloating came back with full force with no change in diet (This makes me suspect some sort of candida, because I've read that they can thrive on ketones). I also lost my period at this time. Desperate, I added back sweet potatoes and other starches and waited for my menstrual cycle to return, which it did (I got my hormones checked about a month later anyway, and I have low estrogen...?). I then tried introducing ghee into my diet, but it resulted in debilitating headaches and I developed puss-filled bumps all over my thighs, so I cut that out. Since then I've added other paleo foods back into my diet without any disturbingly noticeable effects, but my main food intake is basically meat, fish, eggs, and sweet potatoes. I've learned that I do okay with nightshade spices and tomatoes, but potatoes make me extremely sleepy (as opposed to giving me fevers like they used to). I've also learned that onions make me double over in pain. I now only eat low FODMAP veggies, if I eat veggies at all. I've tried probiotics to help with the inability to digest veg but fermented foods make me worse. I take a probiotic capsule every morning but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I still try to suck on saurkraut every once in a while.

    I was taking digestive enzymes for about 6 months, thinking that I was starving all the time because I wasn't digesting properly, but I stopped taking them a few weeks ago and nothing has changed. My appetite has possibly even diminished.

    Oh, and I'm not quite sure when this started (a year ago?), but my face is a disaster. Acne everywhere. It does seem to get better with fish oil / vitamin D, though. I've stopped using conventional soaps (on my face, body, and hair) which seems to be helping, too.


    My only real complaints are persistent sensitivities (I tried eating an orange a few weeks ago and 5 minutes later I looked like I was about to give birth to twins) and fatigue (though it's markedly better than it has been) and acne.

    I'm waiting to take more comprehensive bacteria / parasite tests and also to have my thyroid tested (I've only ever had TSH checked). I should have done this months ago but I'm so tired of doctors. I have an appointment with my school's health center for Friday because I can't get into my real gastro for another month and I'm running out of patience.

    In the meantime I've started a modified Emma version of the SCD intro diet - bone broths, plain meats fish, and eggs, white rice (digests easily for me), maybe a little applesauce and carrot juice. We'll see. The last few weeks I've adopted a little too much of a "fuck it" attitude and have been eating things that I know upset my stomach, like fruit and honey, excess coconut, eating out which always ends badly, and yesterday I even ate some hummus. I need to reset.

    Well, if you've read this far you're either one of those who have so kindly been helping me out lately or you're completely crazy. Either way I appreciate it and any thoughts, comments, or suggestions that you have. I'm so much better than I've been in the past two years and I've almost just decided to settle and accept my fate as is but there's still a tiny bit of fire left in me. I've been shut down so many times by doctors who tell me I'm crazy because they can't find anything wrong, and friends and family are supportive and sympathetic but they can't help. I'm really burnt out and I'm running out of hope but you guys have inspired me to keep trying. Thank you.

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