My digestion is still very poor and eating meat for my protein can be quite an exhaustive process. Can someone recommend some alternative sources of protein? I know im going to have to stray a little from the paleo eating to do so, so i want it to be good quality, low inflammation sources. I cant eat grains or gluten for obvious reasons and I was eating nuts but they dont sit well with me at all, presumably also because of the high levels of anti nutrients. A lot of my probelms stem from nuts and Ive felt a lot better since coming off them and although id consider sprouting and fermenting, ill steer clear for now. Im currently thinking:

1) Protein powder. It cant be whey though as im allergic to whey. I also feel sick drinking even a little milk (even raw milk) but seem to be ok with yogurt and cheese. Im guessing it has something to do with the fermentation? Otherwise i could perhaps have a casein shake but i dont wish to develop problems with that, and ive tried rice and pea proteins and they appear to be ok for now. So yeah, i guess a "vegan" shake might be an option.
2) Yogurt or cheese (fermentation might make it ok for me)
3) Tempeh (again the fermentation might make it ok for me)

Any other ideas?