Okay,here's the problem.I don't have access to a gym so I do bodyweight workouts.I'm not seeing any muscle gains... and I need you to help me understand why!
1.Firstly, I've been following this workout called Max Capacity Training , which basically is 3x times per week HIIT bodyweight training.And I'm not gaining muscle.Could it be because of the intensity?Because I get reaaaallly tired after this workout.

2.Second...How intense should strength training sessions be?Should I feel exhausted after I finish or should I just feel tired in my muscles?Mark says strength training should be intense.

3.Should I do reps till failure?And how quick should reps be?Should I do them as fast as I can or should I do them slowly?

I'm sorry if it all sounds too stupid.I don't understand a lot of things yet.English is not my first language so sometimes I have trouble understanding information I read..