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Thread: Confused about bodyweight training...

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    What is everyone's thoughts on the You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) workouts by Mark Lauren?

    He provides 4 levels of training programmes, each 10 weeks long, using loads of different bodyweight exercises (most of which can be varied for difficulty). I have just finished week 2 of the basic programme and really do feel like I am making progress already!

    Based around military training, so it seems like it definitely has the potential to work well... Afterall, they probably don't carry gym equipment or barbells around warzones!

    Be interested to hear other people's opinions though


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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchhool View Post
    Just had a quick look and it does appear that you had taken into account the issue that I mentioned, I'm sure that as bodyweight workouts go yours (Project:Kratos) is one of the most well thought out and effective.
    I own pretty much all of the major bodyweight training books that have come out over the last few years such as You are your own gym, Body by You, Overcoming Gravity, Pushing the Limits, Raising the Bar, Bodyweight Strength Training, and Convict Conditioning.

    I would say that the Project: Kratos Bodyweight High Intensity Training book is definitely the most well thought out and effective of the bunch and would be my recommendation as the single best bodyweight training book around.

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    I'm with OldSchhool here. Unless you simply enjoy bodyweight training, there's nothing that you can do with bodyweight training that you can't do better with weights.

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