In Rippetoe Throws Down, I found this part a bit strange:

"Look in your notebook and ask yourself these questions: How long have I been able to add weight on a weekly or even monthly basis to my back extensions? My triceps pressdowns? My sit-ups, curls, lunges, dumbbell rows, and behind-the-neck lat pulldowns?"

I agree that you can't keep adding weight to these exercises for very long, but I don't see how that's different from squats, deadlifts, and presses.

I started StrongLifts in April 2012, after many years of training that wasn't exactly "fuckarounditis," but far from optimal. My lifts went up considerably over the next three months, then peaked and declined sharply. At this point I was halfway through losing 30 pounds of mostly fat, so I figured that was why my strength dropped.

But now it's 9 months later, and all my lifts are still below their July 2012 peak (except for squats, which are up 10 pounds since then). Monthly progress stopped months ago. I'm 38 years old, male, an ectomorph, on a bulking diet, with plenty of protein and carbs.

This seems normal to me. When you pass the newbie stage, gains come much harder, and not everyone has the ability to get strong. But some comments I see are making me wonder how normal it is.