I cant seem to find any info on this subject so any help would be appreciated.

I had wls a little over 4 years ago and started the primal blueprint in January of this year. Believe me, I wish I would have found this before wls.
Anyways I am trying to get in the right nutrients etc on primal but find that due to my small pouch I cant eat as much as may be required. Also for absorption those with wls have issues and do require more vitamins especially calcium and minerals. I also absorb citrates the best from supplements.

I have been successful so far following primal but am concerned because I can do the fasting but cannot eat my calories required for the day. I also wanted to do the up/down calorie thing but was wondering if it is okay to have more meals on the up day to get in the calories or should it just be three.

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated!!