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Thread: Save my curtains!

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    I live in Alaska where right now it's getting light at 5am and dark after 10pm, so for us blackout blinds are a must. By Solstice it'll be staying light until 2am. It really messes up the internal clock. But if I lived a more middle latitude with normal days and nights, I would most likely choose to go to sleep when it got dark and to get up when the sun came up.
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    My bedroom window backs straight to a forest. From 3 floors up, I get to see the trees swaying in the wind, and the stars in the night time. Lots of birds in the daylight, and opening the window when it's not too cold or rainy, I get the authentic 'sound' of nature.

    Why would I cover that up with a curtain or blinds? That window never gets covered up.

    I'd say if you are fortunate enough to live amidst nature, don't cover your windows!
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    Great links, Lewis! And the observations about Margaret Thatcher and the Queen are very interesting. It makes me wonder what other correlations could be drawn between high-profile figures with demanding schedules and certain illnesses. Diet, stress (obviously), social/downtime.

    And no, I don't get enough sleep. But that's because I have little kids who all take turns getting up in the middle of the night. (I swear, they must have secret meetings to conspire against me.) So blackout curtains won't help that! Most mornings I'm up with the sun!

    And now, goodnight!

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    If your sleeping well then no bother. If not then hang some blackout lining in the back of your curtains or if you have some unusually large windows get some made to order drapes with blackout lining (Made To Measure Curtains & Roman Blinds... Made Simple!). Either way if you don't get enough sleep it will play havoc with your mental and physical health,

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    i live with lots of light/noise pollution, worked an erratic schedule for many years and spent decades sleep-deprived.

    have changed jobs, so that's better, but the BEST thing ever is my sleep mask. keeps the pretty aesthetic of the windows, and i fall asleep much more quickly than i was ever able in the past. most days i wake about 5:30, WELL before my alarm, so my sleep is deeply sound and wonderfully restful.
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    Keep your curtains. I live up here in Ohio, and have absolutely zero covering of any type on my windows. Now, for full disclosure, I live in the middle of my own woods in a rural county, so there is no nighttime light source besides the moon and whatever we have decided to install as outdoor lights so we don't go falling off of the porch and deck in the middle of the night (is that black here on cloudy nights).

    I love moonlight, and trees. We here don't have problems sleeping - when we do, it is of our own making with blue light from too-late computer and tv, not natural sources. Really northern latitude/light pollution you cannot control/recovering from sleep troubles/that kind of thing - yeah, control the light, but otherwise I find moonlight soothing.
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