Hi there! I've been doing on and off primal for the better part of a year but never been serious about losing weight until this month- started April 1. I have a goal to get to 125 from 155 by July 1- currently at 142.

I lost weight really quickly at first but have stayed the same for a week... I'm eating great and exercising, and I have an active job. I work in a busy bar and walk 20k+ steps a day, sometimes at a power walk lol. At the gym I usually do 30 min of cardio and 30 min of core work- weights or kettle bells, push ups, squats etc.

An average day I might have grilled steak and veg for breakfast, yogurt and berries for lunch and roast chicken and salad for dinner. I've cut out all starches and sugars other than berries.

I get that it's only a week but its frustrating!

I am 24 and female!