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Thread: The Minnesota Starvation experiment

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    The Minnesota Starvation experiment

    What happens physiologically and psychologically when you put 36 men on a three months diet of 3200 calories, followed by an 1800 calories semi-starvation diet for six months, and then reefed them for the following three months? Almost 70 years after this ground breaking experiment, it still has relevance for people interested in weight loss and dieting.

    When refeeding at the end of the experient people lost even more weight due to loss of water, - they eat some more food and it happens that they still lose more weight:

    "For some, the rehabilitation period proved the most difficult part of the experiment. Many were surprised when they initially lost additional weight after being provided a bit more food, a result of losing the excess edema fluid in their bodies."

    Here is a very interesting article about the experiment:

    They Starved So That Others Be Better Fed: Remembering Ancel Keys and the Minnesota Experiment
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