Hello, all.

I'm new here (from the UK) but have read, if not understood, most things on this amazing website. And now I could do with some opinions if you'd be kind enough...

I started on 100% paleo over two weeks ago now (except a few tubs of hummous, as I didn't realise at first that chickpeas were Not On). So far, so great - four or five days of feeling ucky last week (carb 'flu I'm assuming), but wonderfully improved mood, fantastic new precision/spatial sense of where my body is, massively reduced feeling of general lumpiness, bouncing (cough) out of bed in the morning, and the most marvellous consistent energy levels, instead of trembly every four hours or so.

But. Yesterday was a tough physical day for me - I work in an office during the week and garden for customers at the weekends - yesterday I did nine straight hours of mowing, weeding, leaf-clearing, tree-felling and some fence repairs. It was a revelation to be able to do all that and STILL bounce home and wonder what I could do next. Wonderful. But this morning... Despite having got through an avocado, 100g of fatty beef, 100g of salmon, a whole packet of spinach, half a tub of cream in my 2 coffees, a boiled egg and a handful of tomatoes - by 12.00 I had seriously bad low blood sugar shakes. Worse than I used to have when I stuffed myself full of bread.

So what have I missed? Breakfast yesterday was a massive heap of roasted cauliflower, roasted carrots and boiled eggs, so I thought I'd covered the carb element. Conventional wisdom in the climbing community is that you carb load BEFORE the exercise - should I have done it afterwards? And I did have two small glasses of wine last night, but would that really have affected my insulin levels 16 hours later?

Any opinions gratefully received - I don't want to bugger this up through ignorance!