Hello all
My god son (also my nephew) has just had a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, a 1.5 cm lesion close to the thyroid. Other than that I do not know what else as he awaits a surgeon's call. He is already a survivor from massive surgery for osteosarcoma 2 years ago (now 26 yrs). I know re LC or VLC eating/ starving cancer cells, and have been checking everything I can on the Net. Paleo/primal eating for has been great and I see some benefits for him if he rids himself of the sugars, grains, etc. I do not know if he will listen to me though and as I can imagine, he must have a lot on his mind right now and likely more than enough people giving him advice.

Has anyone had experience with this type of cancer and paleo/primal? Does anyone have great resources that I (we) can review? Thanking each person in advance.