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Thread: Hand spasm from grip training?

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    Hand spasm from grip training?

    So after a solid session of heavy squatting / OHP / then chinups, I was feeling pretty good still and decided to end it with a lap of heavy farmer's walks around the gym with 2x 70lb kettlebells. I've gotten pretty good at these and it usually isn't a struggle, but after about 25 yards my grip started giving out and I had to set the weights down. As soon as I closed my hand, my right middle finger wouldn't become uncurled. It hurt like a mo-fo, and I had to peel it back in to place. It was kind of terrifying because it was like my brain had lost control of my entire hand.

    Was this just a cramp? An hour later and my hand is still feeling wonky-- like a bowstring that wants to curl up again. I've been hitting grip stuff sort of hard (kettlebell stuff/deadlifts/sledgehammer swings), am I just over training my grip?

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    Yes, it was most likely just from over-training, or possibly dehydration. I've had it happen before as well, in both fingers and toes, and it is scary. Try to rest your grip, apply some heat, and get fluids in.

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