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Thread: Picnic foods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badkty22 View Post
    Well fine Paul, you and your awesome pics win this round!
    Haha! Not easy to beat smoked salmon, caviar and Champagne.

    In all seriousness, we've done just that a few times. The combination is very good indeed: fatty fish, posh fish eggs and some fun with a good bottle of fizz, get outdoors, enjoy the walk, the run, the sun, the sunset ... THAT's what picnicing is about. The food is second to the fun of being out there.

    Primal eating can enjoy very little, so long as it's good in all the right things, and that includes fun.

    But the food is just right: again, fatty fish (smoked mackerel would do as well) as the focus, something fun to drink and an egg ... eggs rule.
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    I want to go on Pigh's picnic.

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