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Thread: My lipo profile test

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    My lipo profile test

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    My doctor does not know how to read a lipo profile test, so can you guys synthesize how my results were?

    LDL Particle number
    LDL-P: 1254

    LDL-C: 128

    HDL-C: 83
    Triglycerides: 44
    Cholesterol, Total: 220

    LDL and HDL Particles
    HDL-P (Total): 39.2
    Small LDL-P 117
    LDL Size 21.7

    Insulin Resistance Score: 5

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    Trig/HDL seems to have good predictive power. Yours is 0.53 which is pretty much A+

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    I had mine done last month and we get different readings provided.

    My total is-------UK 7.5-------US 290 -------Total/HDL = 5 -------Ideal is 5 for males.
    Triglyceride------UK 2.4-------US 213------- Trig/HDL = 1.6-------Ideal is below 2
    HDL---------------UK 1.5-------US 58
    LDL----------------UK 4.9-------US189---------LDL/HDL = 3.7-------Ideal is 4.3 or lower.

    According to Griff's Cholesterol Primer my ratios are fine. But, I'd like the LDL Pattern A and Pattern B numbers too. Then I'm thinking I had a shed load of beer the week before and wonder if that will have affected the numbers?

    Any thoughts folks?
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    According to the print out I received 1000-1299 is considered a moderate LDL-P. The rest of your profile looks excellent, especially the HDL & Trigs. Your insulin resistance score is 5 and the target is <45. I see nothing to worry over and much to celebrate here!
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    Thanks guys!

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