Hey everyone,

I'm D, 31 from NY. I'm a mom to a 10 month old that is still breastfeeding (going to start weaning in 2 months) and we are going to start trying for our next baby shortly thereafter.

I'm new to this way of eating (as in...decided today after reading that it IS safe for breastfeeding mamas) and just looking for more information and support. This site and forum is incredibly helpful and inspiring.

My husband did atkins a few years ago and went from 305 to 240. He maintains around 250 doing his own weird...low carb high carb "thing." I can't follow his lead though so I'm glad I've found this site. I'm a bit of a sugar addict and it shows on my mushy belly and low energy level.

I'm curious...will this way of eating impact fertility at all? And while pregnant, is it safe to continue this way of eating, as long as I'm getting a nice high amount of total calories?

Thanks in advance for any insight/advice/answers.