Dear mark and Group,

I am recovering from a complicated case of tongue and lymph gland cancer and am interested in weight and muscle gain. I was a very lean 6' 1" 165-170 lb 63 year old and now weigh 122 lbs.

I do not take anything by mouth as my jaw only opens less then the tip of my skinny index finger and my swallowing mechanism is gone for the time being. I have a feeding tube and take all food, liquid, supplements and meds through the tube. I live on a blenderized diet using a Vita-Mix and eat mostly raw because it seems counter productive to cook anything that does not need to be. I do have an affinity to healthy chicken soup and other soups and like cooked cabbage with potatoes cooked and carrots and celery both raw and cooked.

I have been consuming raw lean cuts of buffalo and grass fed beef and I am interested in incorporating tongue, heart, brains, and sweet breads and want to know about eating organ meats raw and blenderized. I have not been putting on weight other than very slowly if at all. My energy levels make it very hard to even consider exercising at the moment. I am hoping the organ meats may help. What is the wisdom in raw vs cooked and what is the most advisable preparation method for blenderized?

I am looking for any other suggestions for optimal diet for recovery and regaining energy, strength and muscle mass. My goal is vibrant ecstatic health. I have a lot of rebuilding to do and I want to know the optimal way to get started and complete the process. Thank you for taking time to respond with your feedback. I am grateful to receive the wisdom of those who can help me put an effective program together.