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Thread: 2BLioness Safari through the primal savanah

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    2BLioness Safari through the primal savanah

    1. Eat 85% on my plan (primal plus minimal dairy)
    2. Exercise 3 long walks, 2 crossfit workouts
    3. Weekly power of habit goal

    OK - Day 1 (again...)

    I have lurked, read, and lurked some more.

    I have enjoyed Mark's blogs and gotten a lot of them. Primal food plan is starting to come together and everything is pointing to just get on with it. Stop worrying about perfection, if you eat sugar, bread, or some other non primal food just course correct at the next mouthful and move the hell on.

    I fear failure. I fear the idea that I will never be able to eat an everything bagel with cream cheese again. I am addicted to carbs.

    Today's inspiration - The Power of Habit, Mark's Blog post 4/20/13 on small wins

    Need to work on: Belief that I can do it.

    Have a great day


    Don't look if seeing non primal food is going to distress you. It's a start
    B: 2 eggs, feta cheese, broccoli, chicken sausage (Small win actually eating primal breakfast)
    S1: 3 True North Almond, pecan, cashew nut clusters
    L: Tortilla chips with cheddar cheese, jalopenos, and guacamole (Small win no chocolate after lunch)
    D: Chinese chopped salad and asparagus
    S2: chocolate ice cream with nuts
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