Hi, my name is Jasper and I am from the Netherlands. I found out about the paleo diet/primal bluebrint about a year ago and have since slowly started trying to alter my diet.

My first question pertains to eggs and cholestrol. I have been eating a lot (about 7/day) of omega 3 enriched eggs because along with sardines they were the only fat/protein source with a balanced omega 6/3 ratio I could find around here.
I am aware that cholestrol in and of itself is generally not considered a heart disease risk factor in paleo circles, but I thought I'd ask anyway if there could be any harm in my egg consumption.

Another question I have is about a grass fed beef producer that recently started selling their products in the area, or at least they call it grass fed, but there was a sign at the vendor listing what the cattle had been fed and it included corn, beets and yeast dregs from beer production. These cows have definitely grazed on nature reserves in the area, but that list made me wonder wether this really is "grass fed" meat. Isn't corn fed meat a no no?