Just wondering if anyone has noticed any changes in menstruation since going Primal?

My period arrived today - one and a half weeks early. For the last three / four months my cycle has been three weeks. Seems like it's getting shorter.

I have a bit of a history with irregular periods:

- When I turned twenty I started getting my period every two weeks. I went for scans had found I had cysts on my ovaries, so I went on the pill. I came off it (about 7 years ago) and haven't been regular since.

- When I was veggie I went through stretches (3-4 months) where I didn't get TOM at all, and people always attributed it to my low weight, but as soon as I started eating meat in July it came back to a monthly cycle.

But now I seem to be reverting back to where I was when I was 20...

Has anyone else noticed things changing around as they've shifted their diet? Thanks!