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Thread: Desperate to Change Old Habits!

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    Unhappy Desperate to Change Old Habits!

    Hello everyone,
    I just found this website and I am very excited to get some good advice and encouragement here! I'm getting a huge jelly belly because I have been overeating and indulging in too many carbs. I actually think I'm addicted to carbs and need help to change my very bad, old habits! I am about 35 lbs overweight for my height and age. I'm looking forward to meeting you! Please help!

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    Welcome Jelly Belly. Bad habits can be changed once you realise how bad they are. Purge your pantry and buy some real food, get used to preparing it yourself and notice the difference. It will make you feel awesome, and excess weight will drop away, especially if you also move your body. Good luck.

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    Welcome, Welcome!

    Hope everything goes well with the change. Getting off of a carb addiction is no easy feat but you can be certain that you will feel 100% better after you do. Just don't give up! It will pay off

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