Hi all,

I'm new to Primal and to MDA, so i'm sorry if this topic has been beaten to death!

I just started Primal a few days ago. I am hypothyroid and have been on Armour for about 5 weeks. I've gained about 25 lbs over the past few years due to hypothyroid. My question is- what amount of carbs is a "safe" level to not affect the thyroid but still promote weight loss? Right now I'm starting out at about 120-150g, but I don't know if that's too low/too high. I kept my calories the same for now (maintain at about 2200, and just decreased the carbs and upped the fats)

I'm a 23 y.o female, active (5-6 days per week of moderate lifting/cardio),

Anyone with experience/wisdom? Thanks!