Hi all-

I just started primal about 3-4 days ago after reading the Primal Blueprint. My diet before wasn't terrible, but definitely had plenty of carbs and low-ish fat. I've always had occasional hypoglycemic episodes and would always need carbs to fix them, and also need to eat very frequently. I'm also very active so I figured I needed it.

Since I started PB, I've felt very low blood sugar almost constantly. When my blood sugar feels low I also have trouble sleeping. I'm trying to just ride it out and stay as strict to the diet as possible because I think it might be the "carb-flu" or just my body not being fat-adapted yet. Is this accurate, or should I be "treating" my low blood sugar with carbs?

Right now I'm doing 120-150g of carbs for now and will decrease later if need be. I kept my total calories the same and added more fat.

Any thoughts or similar experiences transitioning to Primal? SHould I be worried?

Thanks everybody!