I thought that this was a funny, but still pretty interesting, article at the irreverent manosphere site, ReturnOfKings:


Here are some passages:
According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, obese children and adolescents reported significantly lower health-related quality of life in all domains studied. Their lowered quality of life was “similar to children and adolescents diagnosed as having cancer.”


The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that “Maternal obesity [is] the most significant predictor of childhood obesity.”


Tell me how fat chicks aren’t among the worst human beings on the planet. Look me straight in my god-given eyeball and tell me with a straight face how these seacows aren’t a threat to our society and our way of life.

I dare you.

If I were to walk around town with a syringe injecting unsuspecting children with a solution that would severely retard their physical, social, and psychological health leading to a low quality of life and premature death, there’s not a person reading this article who wouldn’t recommend I get the electric chair. I would be a monster – a subhuman social pariah – and you wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep as my rights were stripped away and I was hauled off to jail.