I just got back from my doc, where I was getting my first blood test results since being veggie / vegan. I got Cholesterol, Thyroid and Ferretin checked.

My cholesterol has gone up from a already-high 6 (232.01856 mg/dl) two years ago (when I was a border-line ana vegan) to a shocking 10.4 (402.16551 mg/dl) (eating meat, fat, carbs). I've never heard of someone having cholesterol that high.

Now, I know that it's all about ratios and blah-blah-blah, so here's why my doc is a moron: he didn't bother checking how much of this result was HDL vs LDL! And when I asked, he said it wasn't important: my only option with cholesterol that high is, you guessed it - drugs.

I'm 31!

With a lot of persuasion, I managed to convince him to let me have another blood test, this time checking full lipids (he REALLY resisted the idea of me getting my tris checked - said they were completely pointless!!!)

I know total cholesterol means nothing blah-blah-blah but the ingrained dogma has raised its head and I'm freaking out that i'm going to keel over at any minute. Any advice you guys could give me would be appreciated! Does anyone else have cholesterol that high?

Oh, also I'm not too au fait with decoding thyroid results, but my TSH was 1.64, which I believe denotes normal pituitary function, and my T4 was 11.6, which I believe indicates ever-so-slight hyperthyroidism? Not sure what to make of these results - I went in thinking I was hypo.

Completely forgot to find out what my ferritin was. And the doc didn't bother telling me = MORON.