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Thread: My doctor is a moron!

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    Hey anyone who's still reading

    Just got back from my docs where I received the repeat blood tests with lipid profile.

    Firstly, some good news: turns out my Total cholesterol isn't quite as high as we thought: It's 9.2 mmol/l (355.76179 mg/dl) as opposed to 10.4 mmol/l (402.16551 mg/dl).

    Now the rest:

    HDL: 2.96 mmol/l = 114.46249 mg/dl
    LDL: 5.7 mmol/l = 220.41763 mg/dl
    Trigs: 1.24 mmol/l = 109.83171 mg/dl

    I also got Vit D - 49, which is low.

    Added to the rest of my results:

    Ferritin: 34
    TSH: 1.26
    T4: 11.6 (European range is 12 - 20. UK range is 10 - 25!)

    So I'm not sure what to make of this. Obviously my LDL is way high, but my HDL is good (?) and I think my Trigs are alright...? THe ratios seem okay, partic the Trig / HDL ratio...

    I've decided to go to an Endo because all doctors seem to do is treat individual symptoms instead of looking for a comprehensive overview (I was offered anti-depressants like a shot but refused T3 testing). It all seems to come down to hormones anyway...
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    Not sure if this is helpful, but I recently saw this and your results reminded me of it. The most important thing you probably don’t know about cholesterol In the comments, Kresser said that HDL over 100 is often a sign of inflammation. (Just search for "inflammation" on the page, and it should take you right to the comment.)

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